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Master of Dental Surgery

The course shall be of three years’ duration. All the candidates for the degree of MDS are required to pursue the recommended course for at least three academic years as full time candidates in PSM College of Dental Science and Research affiliated to and approved for Postgraduate studies by Kerala University of Health Sciences, observing the norms put forward by the Dental Council of India. The educational methods recommended are: seminars, and workshops, review of literature and auto tutorials/ self-learning packages.


The goals of postgraduate training in various specialities are to train the BDS graduate who will:

  • Practice respective specialty efficiently and effectively, backed by scientific knowledge and skill.

  • Exercise empathy and a caring attitude and maintain high ethical standards.

  • Continue to evince keen interest in continuing professional education in the specialty and allied specialties irrespective of whether in teaching or practice.

  • Willing to share the knowledge and skills with any learner, junior or a colleague.

  • To develop the faculty for critical analysis and evaluation of various concepts and views, to adopt the most rational approach.